Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Our Company Brief, Right on track... Thank you supporters.

Dear Supporters and fellow Singaporeans,

Wow, we are already more then half year through 2014...

The intention of this year was to improve ourselves better,

1. Growing our team.
2. Get a nice webpage.
3. Minor revamp in our showroom.

Make our company look better overall.

Seriously, it is not easy.

We are not the typical company that just splurge money and engage the best designer to make things happen.

We want our package to improve but yet not affect our bottom line which is to provide affordable mattresses to everyone.

There are so many merchants out there spending close to $20-50 even $100 thousands a month on top locations, best advertising spots, and hire the best sales person to seal the deal.

These are what we never believe in.

I remembered sitting around a table of senior furniture business owners, we were talking about running our kind of business. 

I mentioned that, "product was the most important, not the sales person, not the plan, not the marketing efforts, due to the fact that we are living in a more and more transparent world."

but 3 groups slammed and said, "you know Tony, it is all about the sales person. You got the best product, but the sales person cannot sell for you also no point. You know today we live so well, is because of our sales people. Without them we will not have today." 

I said again, "if you rely on the sales person, he will go off at his peak, just like how a banker jumps around in different banks. They are ultimately working for you. As the CEO of the company, you need to make sure that the product sells by itself, therefore hiring anyone will feel easier and loyalty will be stronger."

1 said, "different la you... we take care of our staff so our staff follow us a long time. You business model also different because you use social media presence. Our business model different, if customer come, they cannot run away one, if not how to cover our overheads and expenses?"

I smiled, and continued drinking my beer.
(No offence to whom you are if you are reading, I just thought this is a very good and strong ideology to share with my fellow supporters on how the industry thinks.)


Look at what we have so far... that will be implementing real soon.

This is what we are talking about~ 
Probably the BEST LOOKING MATTRESS SITE in 2014. Period.
Not because we are better, 
not because we spend more, 
just because we love and respect our industry more then others.


These products represent our company.

80/80 tc Linen Set

Those that understand Linens, we call upon you to judge us.
We have the best Linens the entire Hotel Industry adds together. (Cotton category, don't compare vs silk or others, just compare Cotton to Cotton)


TK Luxury Series

Our flagship that represents 
what Natural Latex hybrid with Individual Pocketed Springs means.

Thousands have witness and are using happily.

Feel our passion when it comes to making the best mattress possible.


TK Premiere Series

Our aim to make the Sexiest mattress ALIVE. We did it.

Memory foam hybrid with Individual Pocketed Springs feels simply amazing and astonishingly sexy.

We have plenty of couples using it and feeling sexy ;)



TK Deluxe Series

Our aim to let consumers know that Foam mattress can feel sooooo good, despite what people say.

Our carefully selected Foam hybrid with Individual Pocketed Springs hits the right spot.

Feel it, and think otherwise about Foam. ;)


Ergo Series by TILAM KING

We listen to our fellow Chiropractors, what they have to say about preventing sore spines.
This is our ANSWER.

Who says a Back Friendly Mattress needs to be in the high thousands.

We made it less then $1k, yes we did.

The FACE of the less then SGD$1k Mattress to represent.


Hotel Comfort by TILAM KING

Guess who is in this Hotel room ;)

We finally made it, painful, troublesome, but worth it.

Our Minimalist mattress. 
Meant to be paired up or used alone with or without accessories.

Great value for all our consumers.


There it is, our breakdown on our product ranges, and what to expect in the coming months.

We thank for the great support and love that have been constantly showered upon us.
Those that gave us great comments.
Those that shared our Facebook posts.
Those that LIKEd us.
Those that DRAG their friends over to our shop, and even help us sell it to their friends. (u know who you are) :P
Those that encourage us.
Those that just simply are so awesomely sporting and generous.

Those other peeps that constantly say our bad things, we love you as well. Just because when you spend the effort to say our bad things, you make people remember our existence.
Those that flame us online, I have to thank you most, because you made my message even clearer
We love haters and appreciate them. Without you Tilam King will not exist.

We will continue to make good mattresses, 
we will continue to speak only the truth about mattresses, 
we will continue to only work with low operating cost so that we can deliver the best possible mattress to you and your family.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing.
- Tilam King

Monday, 23 June 2014

MYTH BUSTERS - 5 Star HOTEL mattresses.

Dear fellow Supporters and fellow Singaporean,

8 out of 10 peeps love to ask me this question.

"tony, i was at so and so hotel in so and so, the feel very shiok ar... is it true that S is supplying them? and if so, how come cannot buy? and how come they only say they supply, and those that they display are all above $6,000 just because it is in that particular hotel"

These my friends, are a total bunch of 10000% BS crap.

Hear me out, put yourself in the shoes of a 1000 room Hotel tycoon. ( I know it is hard to understand )

Trust me, the richer the owner, the more anal when it comes to discussion with collaborating with them. ( this sounds very easy and simple to understand, I KNOW YOU KNOW WHAT I TALKING ABOUT. :P )

So do you think the Hotel will even spend $6,000/mattress/room?

Touch your heart and ask yourself. A lot of people actually knows the answer for this and often forget.

Good, after you understand this simple analogy, lets go on to the package.

What actually comes in contact with the clients are really the linens.

Most consumers do not spend above $400 dollars for their linens. Therefore cannot achieve the feel of the total package.

If you google W Hotel shop, Westin shop, and all the nice names...

*abstracted from W hotel site

*abstracted from Westin hotel site.

You will realize that in America, they are more open minded and willing to share different ideas and such.

Same like what we believe, we also hope to...


For TILAM KING, we have realized that Linen industry is so simple. The only complication is that fabric need to bought in 3,000m MOQ, other then that it is so easy to make them.

So this is my take on Linens

read this,

Cotton count
  • Cotton count is another measure of linear density. It is the number of hanks (840 yd or 770 m) of skein material that weigh 1 pound (0.45 kg). Under this system, the higher the number, the finer the yarn. In the United States cotton counts between 1 and 20 are referred to as coarse counts. A regular single-knit T-shirt can be between 20 and 40 count; fine bed sheets are usually in the range of 40 to 80 count. The number is now widely used in the staple fiber industry.
  • Hank: a length of 7 leas or 840 yards (770 m)

My linen range is 80/80 count.
Most 5 star hotels are only at the 60/40 count, 80/80 are normally for suites and all the way up to presidential suites.

And yes so the price...

Due to the fact that I cannot be flexible with the 3,000m yet, I can only sell as a whole package.

2 x Down Alternative Pillows
2 x 80/80 Pillow cases
1 x 80/80 Fitted sheet
1 x Mattress Protector
1 x Down Alternative Featherbed
1 x Quilt blanket
1 x 80/80 Quilt cover

All these for : Queen - $899
                      King -   $999

You got to enjoy the good Linen then you know why is it priced this way.

No, you do not get good packaging.

No, you do not get a prestigious brand, other then the 

No, you probably cannot find such fine linen in Singapore departmental stores.

But you get the best possible fabric in the industry.

You got to feel it to understand it.

If you touch these and still have better stuff then these, PLEASE let me know.

In my experience, these are one of the best Cotton Sateen I have ever touched and worked with.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing.
- Tilam King

Thursday, 22 May 2014

TILAM KING is now PLUS-SIZE friendly... You know what am I talking about ;)

Dear fellow Supporters n fellow Singaporeans,

It is simply frustrating to see how unthoughtful people can get sometimes. Not because they want to, it is because the idea and concept do not work out right. Hence no one actually targets at this kind of niche.

Let me elaborate...

The mattress industry is full of confusion when it comes to different models and firmness. There is a joker that came out of no where to give a firmness scale, without even mentioning about how heavy he is and what kind of preferences he likes.

The stereotype of  consumers are, plus size people will have to change their mattresses every often like 1-2 years of usage. Because the springs get more worn out then normal body weight do.

Honestly... then who makes something for the plus size crowd?

No one, yet.

The solutions we normally hear are; 
"you take the firmer one loh..."
"you take the more expensive one loh..." - anyone that intro that to you deserve a spanking.
"you buy cheaper then change frequently loh..." - most stick to this, which is not wrong.
"you just see what you like in the showroom and make do with the firmness."

When I say plus size, I mean people around 100kg and above. (Normally a mattress of medium setting will soften or degenerate faster if no proper reinforcements are in place.)

There is no one size fit all mattress hence the different firmness and different models.

What if we simplify things for you ;)

What if we actually care? What if we can make the kind of mattress that you like to make it last at least 6 years or more of use. (Normally plus size people face lifespan issues on the mattress)

The thing is that after realising that the concept of 

"bringing our flexibility to our consumers", 

which is 

"if you think the mattress is too soft we make it firmer, if you think the mattress is too hard we make it softer"

We realise that we actually can automatically cater to plus size peeps WITH NO EXTRA COST?

 We simply swap to a more durable spring set up depending on comfort level you wish to create and we work from there.

WHATTT?!?!?!?!!?!?!!??! NO EXTRA COST?

All the worries and troubles ARE GONE!


We are updating our BLOG with a new concept just to let our consumers know that we care,


Everyone loves a good old free upgrade ;)


The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing.
- Tilam King