Saturday, 4 April 2015

The TILAM KING CONCEPT, and why no competition cannot come close?

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We shall tell you the truth why people cannot follow or change to be like us? Yea I get it, they are bigger then us, to mimic a smaller company like us and crush us will be simple.
They have gone in too deep to even make that change possible. What if a top brand change to be like us? IE to say their previous effort in creating different models will be erased, imagine globally how big of an impact it will create? LOL. They cannot look back and will only continue doing the same thing that they do best, to confuse you more :P 

You see brands have to make more varieties for the consumers to basically let you feel indulged and spoilt for choices, ultimately losing focus on the price point and just going ahead with which ever feels good because it is just so tiring to look for a good mattress anyways.

If you actually take a look at REAL LUXURY brands for mattress, they only have 3 models or lesser, and offer full customization in their firmness. Sounds firmilar already right? but all these comes at a hefty price tag of way above the $10,000s and do not know why mattresses that are expensive are all Swedish. LOL since when did Sweden specialize in mattress? 

 Nvm, long story short.

The concept of a mattress that Tilam King STRONGLY believe is:

1. FIRMNESS comes from the springs, the springs are ultimately the core of the mattress, not the comfort layer. If there is a soft mattress, you take out the soft springs and put a firmer springs inside, it will become firmer.

2. Comfort layers, there are ONLY 3 major comfort layers, Latex , Memory foam , and Foam. Their primary purpose is to give comfort by easing off pressure before allowing the springs to give resistance. They are normally placed on top of the springs. This is what normally consumers are paying for in a mattress, the way how the mattress reacts to you when you lay down on the mattress. Each comfort layers are unique in it's own way.

3. Consumers should understand 1 & 2 and realized that all the places that do not understand about mattresses will sell you mattress based on firmness, WHICH in our perspective can be adjusted by the different spring settings. Why can't they follow us if it is so logical? Because they choose not to, and all their life they already have been doing more models just to create variety for absolutely no reason at all. Consumers cannot justify the difference between a $4,000 mattress vs $8,000 mattress vs $12,000 mattress vs $40,000 mattress. The internal components are all similar yet NAMED in a very different manner. 


To summarize, 

Mattresses have 2 major parts, 
top layer which are comfort layers,
bottom layer are the springs.

Whether the consumer is light weight, or heavy weight, we have created a particular system to cater. 

Doesn't mean that you are heavy you cannot buy that particular mattress because is too soft, we can firm it up for you.

So therefore, with just 5 models, Tilam King can represent the entire industry.


TK Luxury Mattress

from left to right, TK Deluxe Series, TK Luxury Series, TK Premiere Series.

Ergo Series

Hotel Comfort


The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Monday, 23 March 2015

Why Singapore is awesome? Tilam King is proud of Singapore, period.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

"There was a time when people said that Singapore wouldn't make it... 
this comes from one of my favorite national song(except for the freaking word).

Singapore used to be a fishing village, swampy land, and just really not special.

Mr LKY gave his all to make what we have today.

We will not go through what he did before because it is all over the news and history channel.

Let us talk about Singapore from our perspective.


Singapore have one of the highest literacy rates in the world, which means we are all smart.

Singapore have a first world foundation and is one of the easiest places to live in.

Singaporeans are nice and honest as compared to most countries.

Singapore is CLEAN, and we mean it.

Singapore has become not only a country, but a standard for all to follow.


Simply put it short, we love Singapore, and we are proud of it.

Tilam King is working on the same principles of what Singapore stands for.

Tilam King know Singaporeans are smart, so we do not spend effort in dressing up all the marketing gimmick because we know 
Singaporeans can tell whether the product is good or not.

Tilam King tries to be the best in the industry PRODUCT wise, and still is affordable with all the DRAMATIC savings in A&P and marketing.

Tilam King wish to be nice and honest in the entire Mattress Industry.

Tilam King wish to be as straight forward as possible. So you can understand the substance behind our product rather then letting you listen to all the marketing jargons used and confuse you for absolutely no reason at all.

Tilam King wish to be the benchmark of a good mattress. We wish to be the standard of how an average consumer wants from a quality mattress.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King


Deepest condolence to the Lee Family.
Thank you Mr LKY for what you did for Singapore. 
Thank you for being an awesome leader!

You are our Legend.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Is the most expensive mattress the best mattress?

Dear fellow Singaporeans, supporters and friends, 

This is a super hot topic when it comes to mattress selection. We will share useful information with you that will be realistically helpful for your next mattress purchase.

We hope you share this post and spread the love for Tilam King.


The question most people ask, "is the most expensive mattress, the best mattress?"

The problem with the mattress industry,
consumers only see mattresses as how they are packaged and branded.

They are all over TV ads, Newspaper ads, Magazine ads, Radio ads, Banner ads, etc...

The bottom line is that brands behind mattress companies are rich hence they are able to afford these kind of advertising campaigns. 

Someone must fork this bill for the brands, thank you consumers. :)

You see, I am a true Singaporean. If a plate of chicken rice which is awesome cost us $3.50(chicken drumstick rice), DO NOT CONVINCE ME THAT CHATTERBOX CHICKEN RICE IS WORTH $27++ = $32.

What I am trying to say is that don't because someone more handsome so you say is better? 
It makes ZERO sense.

Trust me, this comparison is real... 
The chatterbox chicken rice standard is seriously mediocre, honestly, I can name 5 better tasting ones without even researching hard.

Therefore if the product is equal or the same as the $3.50 , why pay $32?

Springs are springs, 
fabric is fabric, 
foam comfort layers are foam comfort layers, 
memory foam is memory foam, 
latex foam is latex foam.

"There is no SALES PERSON in SINGAPORE in the mattress industry(I challenge this statement), will or is willing to buy a mattress for $15,000/-."
*not valued, the price to pay, cannot be staff price, cannot be special discount, it has to be paid SGD$15,000 for the mattress. Does not include company giving their sales person.





Sometimes we got to take a step back, back to basics, ask yourselves, how do you judge a company's product?

This concept is powerful, revolutionary , and it makes sense.

XiaoMi is an awesome company doing MIUI and product design. They specialized in social media and have an awesome followings on their page and fans.

They claimed that, "by removing channel cost, distribution cost, advertising cost, the consumers get the best value for the product."

We at Tilam King, have been practicing what we learnt from the giants around us. 

We strongly believe that by understanding what the company stands for nowadays is a very crucial factor.

End of the day, research, research and research still plays a big part in our life, just like how it was back in the school days.

Only then, you can truly find value that is hidden beneath all the propaganda.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing.
- Tilam King